About us

“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything Dances. ”-- Maya Angelou

Stories are the fabric of our lives; each relationship in our life is a story, every dream, every experience is a story. Life itself is one big story composed of many smaller stories, and every atom dancing is telling us its story.

On the playground at the age of 8, I met my best friend sharing a Mars bar; I retold this story tearfully at her wedding 15 years later as her maid-of-honor. My sister and I reminisce of how she learned her management skills dividing our candy over the years; and I will never forget my older cousin finding my coveted under-the-pillow candy stash and taking it all. These are my earliest memories, each had a flavor and a rhythm; I hope Dean's Candy can be a part of your story.

Dean's Candy represents fun, freedom, sweetness and shared family moments; love. It is our desire to share these rhythms with you, with no restrictions whether you only eat Halal, Gluten free, Sugar Free, or incorporate Organic it does not matter because we are all Candy Lovers!

Enjoy, Laugh, Unwind, and be Happy. 

We are new on the Candy Block and I hope we get to share many candy memories with you.  Everything in life has a rhythm and so does Dean's Candy.

We look forward to hearing from you!






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